CBD - Competitive Based Development

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The CBD Model is is my player development philosophy developed the past 15 years of coaching, research and training.  The CBD Model is based on long-term athlete development principles.  It is athlete centered, coach driven and sport science validated.  The principles of the model are:

  • Concept based learning - players and coaches learn the concept first.  The method employs a variety of teaching methodologies centered on learning the fundamental aspects of the sport.
  • Progression based teaching - Skill acquisition is broken down into segments and learnt in step-by-step progressions.  The model is built on repetition of fundamental skills.
  • Competitive developmental environment - players are taught to engage their competitive physiology at all times.  The model emphasizes competing with yourself, coaches and opponents.  Players learn to achieve victory and to avoid defeat of themselves.

The CBD - Development Pathway underpins the philosophy of the model. More on this later...

McCrawMethod Services & Resources

NEW - Technical Fundamentals DVD        Just Released!

If you would like to order a copy of my new DVD contact me.

Player Assessments

I offer a number of different player evaluation options and assessments.  These range from 90-120 min technical assessments to 2 week comprehensive evaluations. 

Topics include: technical stroke production, tactical and game development, mental and physical assessments, equipment assessment (strings and racquets), racquet customization and selection, tournament scheduling and program design.  I use a number of specialists to evaluate sports vision, podiatry, skeletal screenings and growth and development.  If you are interested in having your player / child assessed please contact me to arrange a time to discuss your needs.

Coach Mentoring

If you would like to continue your professional development beyond your current coaching certification, I offer a mentoring program for coaches of all levels.  I adapt the program to your needs and areas of interest.  Typically the program entails the coach sending in video of their players for assessment.  Regular emails with articles, reading and research, projects to further your knowledge base and video calls on skype.  Depending on your location there is the option to spend time with me when I am in Israel, UK, New Zealand or Australia.  The cost of the program is geared around how much time you would like to dedicate to the process.  To date it has been very successful.  I would be happy to refer you to coaches who are on the program if you wish to explore this further.  Please contact me if you would like to begin the coach mentoring program.